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Not to be Forgotten

Looking for something to do on a Friday night that is inexpensive and fun?  Then head over to the Post for Dinner and Dancing every Friday Night.  Bring your friends and meet after work for Happy Hour prices.  Stay for dinner and dancing till 1 AM.  Open to the Public.

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Mon   Noon - 11 PM
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Sat   9AM - Midnight
Sun 9AM - 11PM


Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1503

Canteen Activities

Free WI-FI in the Post Canteen



WEDNESDAY, October 15th •  19:30



03 - Friday Dinner 5-9 PM, DJ

04 - GUN SHOW: Queen of Hearts, DJ, Weekly Drawing, Wings


10 - Friday Dinner 5-9 PM, DJ

11 - Queen of Hearts, DJ, Wings, Weekly Drawing

17 - Friday Dinner 5-9 PM, DJ, Kids Karaoke

18 - BROOK YODER BAND: Queen of Hearts, Weekly Drawing, Wings

24 - Friday Dinner 5-9 PM, DJ    

25 - 3D BAND: Queen of Hearts, Weekly Drawing, Wings




 NOTICE: Watch for new web page in the near future.

 October Newsletter

For Additional Events & Info
Checkout the Calendar

No wings will be served on

Saturday, 11th October 2014.

 The kitchen will  remain open until 8 p.m. 


Date: October 11, 2014

Time: 6-11 P.M.

Location: at VFW Post

Event:  Benefit-Military Order of the Purple Heart


Date: 13 October 2014

Event: Navy Birthday Celebration


Date:  18 October 2014

Time:  9 A.M.

Location:  I-95 car Rest Stop at Dale City VA

Event:  Honor Flight Visit

Date:  26 October 2014 

Location: A Hall at VFW Post

Event: Children's Halloween Party

Date:  26 October 2014

Location: VFW Canteen

Event:   Chili Cook Off

Date: 31 October 2014

Location: Adult Halloween Party

Event: Halloween Party-Grown-ups Only




John Meehan – Facility Manager

Remember our Friday Night Dinners followed by DJ/Band at 8 pm.

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Date Holiday
Monday, October 13 Columbus Day
Tuesday, November 11 Veterans Day
Thursday, November 27 Thanksgiving Day
Thursday, December 25 Christmas Day







Every Wednesday Evening Starting at 7:30 PM



     DJ Friday Nights Starting
at 8:30 PM

 Every Tuesday & Thursday
- Early Bird starts at 7:30


Weekly Book Drawing every Saturday at 8:00 PM


Don't Forget

Looking for a place for

Office Gathering after work

on Friday
or a place for an

impromptu party? 

Then think about  the
Post Canteen on Friday's. 

Great food, atmosphere,
drinks and dancing.   



As veterans age, many are unfamiliar with a benefit that can help pay for care at home or in assisted living or a nursing home.
      The Department of Veterans Affairs benefit called the Aid and Attendance and Housebound Improved Pension benefit, known as A&A, which can cover the costs of caregivers in the home (including sons and daughters who are paid to be caregivers, though not spouses) or be used for assisted living or a nursing home.
Up to $2,019 monthly for a veteran and spouse, and up to $1,094 for the widow of a veteran.
      "It's probably one of the lesser-known benefits   Of the 1.7 million World War II veterans alive as of 2011, who were in need of caregiving assistance and thus eligible, only 38,076 veterans and 38,685 surviving spouses were granted the A&A benefit that year
"The sad thing is, this has been an entitlement for 61 years, but it's sat idle - the V.A. employees just haven't been educated about it
   To bridge the information gap, a web site called VeteranAid.org, to provide information about A&A eligibility and how to apply.
To qualify, a veteran need not have suffered a service-related injury.  He or she only had to have clocked at least one day of his or her 90-day minimum military service during a time of war and need care giving for activities of daily living.
Applying can be confusing and arduous.
 If you know the program's name and search the Veterans Affairs Web site for Aid and Attendance, the first page states, among other things, that you are not eligible for A&A unless you already qualify for a basic Veterans Affairs pension - for which you have to be "totally disabled.  That's more than a little misleading.
What people don't know is that when wartime veterans turn 65, the V.A. automatically classifies them as 'totally disabled and if they meet income and asset criteria, they are eligible for a basic pension.
The A&A benefit can be more than 50 percent higher than the basic veteran's pension ($24,239 annually for a veteran and spouse with A&A, versus $16,051 for a basic pension). The income and asset cutoffs are also higher than for A&A benefits.  One warning note: Scams abound. The department forbids anyone to charge to help veterans fill out these challenging forms, yet a growing number of companies - many of which, on a Web search for "Aid and Attendance," pop up with waving flags and red-white-and-blue banners - offer to "help" veterans fill out the forms free, then charge thousands of dollars for financial consultation.  The department does not reveal maximum allowable assets. But $80,000 (the house and a car are exempt from this total) seems to be in the ballpark, though someone with more assets could still qualify if expenses were very high, Income limits are not set in stone either. But the maximum is around $20,000 to $23,000 after deducting costs for medical expenses, caregivers, assisted living or nursing home fees.   Some people are taking advantage of A&A to protect assets for their heirs,
 Go to VeteranAid.org for information about A&A eligibility and how to apply.




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College:  AccreditedOnlineColleges.org -- comprehensive college directory with many resources useful to prospective students and parents interested in advancing their education. A school’s accreditation status should play a large role in choosing which school to attend and with AccreditedOnlineColleges.org, we provide the tools to make this research easier than ever. This site enables individuals to search for an institution by a number of criteria including location, subject, size, and graduation rates. As a valuable resource to anyone pursuing a college degree.



Veteran's Aid Website: http://www.veteranaid.org/index.php


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VFW Post 1503 Membership

Veterans who have served in foreign wars may be eligible for membership.

Eligibility: VFW Eligibility

General Membership Meeting 3rd WEDNESDAY of the Month


"The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive the Veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation."
-- George Washington

 General Chesty Puller


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